Why consult with a licensed naturopath?

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Your naturopath will assist you in better understanding how the environment affects your health. Naturopathy is well suited for individuals who want to take charge of their health while making optimal changes adapted to their lifestyle. Each naturopathic insight is tailored to biochemical uniqueness. Our approach helps strengthen good habits to improve your health for a long-lasting change!


  • Nervous system disorders (stress, anxiety, and insomnia);
  • Cardiovascular system;
  • Digestive system (constipation, bowel pain);
  • Female reproductive system (female or male infertility, Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS));
  • Endocrine system (pre-diabetic, subclinical hypothyroidism);
  • Integumentary system (skin, nails, hair);
  • Osteoarticular system (articulation and muscle aches, cramps, etc.);
  • Immune system (immune conservation or prevention);
  • Support for Child with special needs (ASD, ADHD);
  • Chronic sinus disorders.

***Le naturopathe au Québec ne pose aucun diagnostic lors d’une rencontre naturopathique. Les bienfaits de la naturopathie s’ajoutent et/ou complémentent à d’autres traitements allopathiques. La naturopathie peut tout de même appuyer les traitements médicaux n’ayant aucune amélioration. Les questions demandées par votre naturopathe lui servent à mieux guider et personnaliser ses recommandations envers chacun de ses patients. Aucune de ses recommandations ne remplace celle de votre médecin.

As a Certified Naturopath and member of the Association de Naturopathes Agréées du Québec, I am committed to offering a service that aims to optimize your well-being while applying nature's science as a key that will unlock your health's full potential!